Published: February 14, 2023

Who is Scammer❓

Please don’t say the name of “scammer” to anyone in a group without any physical evidence. It’s totally you are humiliating his character. Just remind one thing please don’t judge anyone without knowing him perfectly. And please don’t say anyone as traitor/scammer. It’s really painful to people who doing real business. Yes I’m agreeing their is a bulk of scammers in social media. But please don’t say everyone as scammer. At least please find his background or previous activities if he scammed or cheated someone. After that you can say and mention him. He is scammer or she is scammer. It’s right and laughable. Nut please don’t say a single person as scammer without any evidence. May he he is legit. And try to understand how he feels it. Really painful bro..
What is the meaning of scam/scammer in social media?

Scam means sending a fake advertisement or selling a dummy product or service to individuals or groups asking by money. Asking money with working software’s or services is not a scam. For example, a seller gives you a product via a platform after got money from you the product is not working or the service is not accessible to the user. Every advertisement is not a scam. Advertisement with true features or real software’s or services are valid and they are not a scam. But people who using social media treating or seeing every advertisement as a scam. That’s a big mistake by user.

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